> Eid will be either on Wednesday 12th May or Thursday 13th May. An announcement after Magrib Jamaat on Tuesday 11th May will be made and also can be viewed on our website.

> Fajar Jamaat on Eid day will be 4:40am. The door will be opened 30min before Jamaat time.


There will be 5 Eid Jamaat on Eid day.

BOOKING FOR 2ND, 3RD, 4TH AND 5TH WILL START ON Saturday 8th May at 9:00am.

Eid Jamaat timing are:

1st Jamaat – 5:30am, 2nd Jamaat – 6:15am, 3rd Jamaat – 7:00am
4th Jamaat – 7:45am 5th Jamaat – 8:30am

> No handshakes or embraces will be allowed in the Masjid. Mask and prayer mat are a mandatory in the Masjid. Government guidelines will be strictly enforced and need to be adhered to.

> Please note: EID Jamaat will also take place at Walthamstow Academy, Billet Road, E17 5DP at 6:30am. Please visit www.hhmct.org.uk for more info.

> Fitra is compulsory for all adults and children. This must be given before the Eid prayer. The recommended minimum Fitra locally is £3.50 per person.