Lifting of restrictions

In announcing an easing of restrictions from 19 July 2021, the Government emphasised the need to maintain strong safety measures in crowded indoor settings. TFL has already announced that facemasks will remain mandatory on all its transport.

Some safety precautions.

  • If you have Covid-19 or its symptoms, you MUST NOT come to the Mosque.
  • Face masks optional, but highly recommended as there will be no social distancing.
  • Minimise your contact with others.

Key changes for our prayers

  • Distancing markers will be removed, so leave no gap while standing.
  • Children of all ages will be allowed to attend.
  • Wudu and Toilet Facilities: It is always better to complete your necessity before coming to the Mosque; this is a good habit to maintain, and takes pressure off the Mosque’s resources, whilst also helping to keep it safer.
  • Prayer mats: Please do not use a prayer mat as it takes extra space. Use something small so it does not take extra space. Respect those either side of you by making sure you do not overlap with your prayer mat.