Admissions Procedure

Obtain an admissions form – You can do this by visiting the Masjid where a member of the management committee will provide you with a form.
Submit the form, along with a birth certificate for the child. Following this, a member of the management committee will process the form and place your child on a waiting list (due to popular demand, unfortunately we are unable to specify a time period for this).
Once your child’s place is confirmed, you must pay the admission fee (£15).
Please note that the new admissions period opens on 1st July and closes on 20th August. We will not accept any new enrolments outside this time period.

Important Information

The Madrasah runs from Monday to Friday, 5pm to 7pm
Ages 4-14 only, for both boys and girls
Boys are taught by male teachers and girls are taught by female teachers
Teachers have been carefully selected based on their respective capabilities
All our staff are DBS cleared and are continually trained to improve their skills
Madrasah year runs from September to September; including a break for Winter, Spring, Summer, Ramadan and other important Islamic dates

Mock exams take place during the year, with final exams taking place at the end of the year
Fees are collected at the beginning of each month (£20 per child)
Monthly assemblies and reward ceremonies are held to encourage students

Our Policies

We have strict policies in place which are designed to highlight our commitment to your child and to ensure that there is a three-way connection between the Madrasah, the parents and the student.
We also ask all students to adhere to our Behaviour Policy, which is vital in helping to ensure that every child is given the best opportunity to learn.

We regularly monitor the progression of students to make the best use of the resources at our disposal, in order to provide the highest level of education for each student.
For all enquiries, please speak to a member of the management committee from Monday to Friday between 5pm and 7pm or Contact Us.