At CICC Madrasah our goal is to nurture the young generation with Qur’an and sunnah. Our goal is to teach them the essentials of our deen and to create within them the zeal to implement what they learn and in turn build a strong relationship with their creator. Educating children in a masjid not only is full of blessings but it creates a healthy relationship between our students and the masjid.

With qualified, experienced and trained teachers in our Madrasah we teach our syllabus with great care. For advanced students we have a hifz programme in which students would be made to memorize the entire Qur’an. This is all alongside continuous tarbiyah of the students by their respective teachers.

Madrasah Times (Monday-Friday)
Maktab (Boys/Girls): Session 1: 4:30pm-5:30pm Session 2: 5:40pm-6:40pm
Hifz Class (Only Boys): 4:30pm-7:00pm (Monday-Friday) Sat 8am – 11am

£28.00 p/m (per child) Hifz Class: £56.00 p/m (per child)
Note: All fees are to be paid currently in cash only. Fees are to be paid at least one month in advance.

• Tajweed
• Memorisation
• Hadith
• Duaa/Dhikr
• Fiqh & Practical rulings
• Seerah & History of Islam
• Aqeedah & Islamic beliefs
• Akhlaaq & personal development
• Contemporary issues

Memorisation of the last three juz of the Qur’an

Memorisation of the entire Qur’an

Please fill in the application form below. Alternatively, you can request a paper application form from the Imam/Headteacher or masjid management, fill that in and thereafter return to the Imam to proceed with the application. You will be contacted by the Imam/Headteacher for the next steps in the Madrasah application.