• The masjid is open to worshippers at the times in the timetable for the five daily prayers.

  • Living in a non-Muslim country makes it all the more important for us to be aware of our Deeni obligations

  • Although only a small Masjid, we offer a range of services for the Muslim community.

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what I musallees think of our Masjid

Honesty, integrity & experience

“Very Welcoming”

Small Masjid but very welcoming, nice place to pray and reflect, Dawat atmosphere, very good taleem for adults and children. Wudhu and washing facilities very good with fresh tissue towels every day. 5 stars. This masjid has a Imam with beautiful recitation.

J MA Rahman

“Superb Community Feel”

A very nice community Masjid. I went there for Tarawih one night. It is not very big but has that great community feel. As it is small it can get packed easily of course.

Alom Mohammed

“Amazing Place”

Lovely community, one of my favourite places to go pray. Have classes for people to learn reading quaran and knowledge in Islam